Facebook is not your friend – Intelligence Squared, March 5th

Many interesting Intelligence Squared debates in the spring lineup including March 5- Facebook is NOT your friend.  As someone who has (at least tried to) permanently delete my account, I’m eager to attend this one. From I2:

“For those who love it, Facebook has created a true global village. You can enjoy the constant background buzz and chatter of everyone you’ve known and loved but could easily lose touch with. And it’s more than just a tool that enhances lives and social connectivity – it’s so powerful that it brings down dictators. But there’s a dark side to Facebook that its detractors want you to know about. It destroys the notions of privacy that civilised society has always relied on; it collapses the rich and complex notion of friendship into a single, mechanical “click”; and it rewires our brains into attention deficit disorder and social paranoia and creates lonely, screen-filled lives. And that’s not even to speak of its manipulative business practices. So where does the truth lie? Come to the Tabernacle in Notting Hill, hear the arguments over a glass of wine and a plate of charcuterie and decide for yourself.”

Facebook is not your friend – Intelligence Squared.

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