Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye at the Tate Modern, June 28th – October 12th

Edvard Munch, The Sick Child, 1907Since many people were disappointed when tickets sold out for the Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery,  I’ve been posting about upcoming exhibitions which are expected to be hot tickets.  This one might be far in the future but best to order tickets now and put them aside.

Feature image

From the Tate Modern Site:

London is the third European city to gain access to this brand new exhibition on Munch, after Paris and Frankfurt, with 2012 seeing the show hitting the Tate Modern. Exploding the notion that Munch was simply a painter, the exhibition focuses on his obsession with photography, film and the theatre, which underwent a renewed popularity during the first half of of the 20th century.

Often presented as a 19th century painter, Edvard Munch actually attempted to thoroughly embrace the modern age. Far from being a Symbolist or a pre-Expressionist, the work on show in the Edvard Munch exhibition showcases his lesser known filmic pieces, alongside 60 or so paintings and 50 different photos. Revealing how much he was influenced by scenes in the street or incidents reported in the media, the works also demonstrate how he was not bound to his studio and was often to be found capturing everyday scenes outside.


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