Facebook is not your friend – Intelligence Squared March 5, 2012

Intelligence Squared has announced their 2012 schedule which included Facebook is Not Your Friend at the Tabernacle on March 5th.   I’ll be interested in hearing this debate and am definitely biased to the “dark forces” concept of Facebook.  A couple of years ago, when there were serious privacy issues, Facebook insidiously and mortifyingly sent an email to every single person on my email contact list (including ex colleagues, professors, boyfriends…) saying that I strongly suggest they take Viagra.   I subsequently deleted my Facebook account taking extra elimination precautions after i heard that a simple deletion doesn’t really delete it!  Do i sound paranoid??!

Facebook is not your friend

From I2 website: “For those who love it, Facebook has created a true global village. You can enjoy the constant background buzz and chatter of everyone you’ve known and loved but could easily lose touch with. And i

t’s more than just a tool that enhances lives and social connectivity – it’s so powerful that it brings down dictators. But there’s a dark side to Facebook that its detractors want you to know about. It destroys the notions of privacy that civilised society has always relied on; it collapses the rich and complex notion of friendship into a single, mechanical “click”; and it rewires our brains into attention deficit disorder and social paranoia and creates lonely, screen-filled lives. And that’s not even to speak of its manipulative business practices. So where does the truth lie? Come to the Tabernacle in Notting Hill, hear the arguments over a glass of wine and a plate of charcuterie and decide for yourself.”

Facebook is not your friend – Intelligence Squared.

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