Carols by Candlelight at Leighton House December 15th.

Dining Room C LHM

If you haven’t yet visited Leighton house located on the edge of Holland Park,  you might take this opportunity to view it while also doing something festive.  On December 15th there will be a unique Christmas experience in the studio at Leighton House with Christmas music from Georgian England and nineteenth-century Germany, as well as a chance to join in and sing some favourite carols.

About the house: Located on the edge of Holland Park in Kensington, the house is one of the most remarkable buildings of the 19th century.  The house was the former home and studio of the leading Victorian artist, Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896). Built to designs by George Aitchison, it was extended and embellished over a period of 30 years to create a private palace of art.  The Arab Hall is the centerpiece of the house. Designed to display Leighton’s priceless collection of over a thousand Islamic tiles, mostly brought back from Damascus in Syria, the interior evokes a compelling vision of the Orient.   The opulence continues through the other richly decorated interiors, with gilded ceilings and walls lined with peacock blue tiles by the ceramic artist William De Morgan. On the first floor is Leighton’s grand painting studio with its great north window, dome and apse.

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Alternatively, sixty minute tours of the interior are given every Wednesday at 3.00pm


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