Psycho Tonight – The Nomad Pop-up Cinema at Whiteleys

I love the eclectic movies that Nomad is showing at their pop-up abode.  Don’t miss Hitchcock’s masterpiece tonight.  From Nomad:

Alfred Hitchcock

Eee, eee, eee. Those few foreboding notes of music are certainly the most famous thing about Hitchcock’s masterpiece of suspense, and probably the most famous coda in all cinema (except perhaps for the equally portentous Jaws theme). And despite its familiarity, this simple refrain never fails to send a shiver down the spine. But there’s so much more to Psycho than that shower scene. Listing the ways in which Hitchcock broke the mould and invented new rules for cinema would take up too much space here, but above all, he proved that what happens in our imagination is much more terrifying than any thing shown on screen. Less is most definitely more.


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