Britannicus, Wilton’s Music Hall through November 19th


I just read the review of Britannicus at Wilton’s Music Hall in the telegraph which said:

“In short, this is an astute, gripping evening, lent added lustre by the surrounding palatial decay of Wilton’s Music Hall – still bravely battling to raise funds to avoid closure, despite the woeful, indeed shocking, lack of support from the Heritage Lottery Fund”

The Guardian also gave it 4stars and said:

It is well worth the detour to London’s East End to catch Irina Brown’s modern-dress revival of this austere 1669 masterpiece.

The story according to the Wilton’s Website:

Desire. Power. Ambition. Politics.

Part political thriller, part family drama, Britannicus depicts twenty-four hours in the life of Emperor Nero that were to change the course of Roman history. Agrippina, widow of the Emperor Claudius, has paved the way for her son Nero to succeed to the throne ahead of his step-brother Britannicus. But as Nero’s taste for power grows stronger, Agrippina struggles to keep control of her son as he edges Rome ever closer to catastrophe.


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