You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown – The Broadway Musical. October 4-30th

I saw this show when i was the age my children are now (10) and remember loving it.  Strangely, the one song that has stayed with me all these (many!) years is “Book Report”  in which Charlie Brown is desperately trying to get to the required number of words in his report.   He puts down a couple of words, and then counts……   I’m not sure what that says about me but, whatever!   

It’s being staged at a theatre that, once again, i’ve never heard of–The Tabard Theatre near Turnham Green.   However, despite being Very off West End it is being directed by Anthony Drewe (Betty Blue Eyes, Mary Poppins) and stars Leanne Jones (Hairspray)  as Lucy and Hayley Gallivan (Spring Awakening) as Sally Brown.

The story is:

Though considered a ‘good man’ by his friends, Charlie Brown has never been able to keep a kite in the air, never successfully kicked a football and can’t seem to win the heart of the Little Red-Haired Girl. As the ‘Peanuts’ gang make their way through the day, Charlie wonders what it takes to be a good man as he sees Schroeder’s passion for Beethoven, Lucy’s psychiatrist booth, Linus’ complex about his blanket, Sally’s new philosophy and Snoopy’s ace flying ability.  And with the help of his friends, Charlie comes to realise what makes them all truly happy.


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