Broken Glass at Vaudeville Theatre through December 10

broken glass

I wasn’t sure whether to recommend Broken Glass, Arthur Miller’s 1994 play,  as I haven’t seen it yet.   But according to my very reliable source A.P. , an avid theatregoer like myself with similar taste, it’s the best theatre she’s seen all year.  So I shall find some tickets for myself and pass on the recommendation…..

According to the Guardian review…….

Set in Brooklyn in 1938, the play presents us with a middle-aged woman, Sylvia Gellburg, afflicted by a mysterious paralysis of the legs. Is her illness the consequence of her identification with the Jews currently being persecuted by Nazi thugs in Hitler’s Germany? Or is it to do with the withdrawal of physical affection by her husband, Phillip, and his ambivalent attitude to his own Jewishness? The case is investigated by a worldly doctor who starts to fall in love with his patient. And, while the contrast between the buttoned-up husband and the openly sensual doctor is over-explicit, Miller gives a riveting portrait of 1930s America in which antisemitism leads to a desperate desire for assimilation and in which consciousness of contemporary European horrors is regarded as debilitatingly eccentric.

Review |broken glass | The Guardian.

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