When did you last see my mother? – Trafalgar Studios 26 Sep 2011 – 08 Oct 2011

I just read the Exeunt review for When Did You Last See My Mother?, Christopher Hampton’s first play which has returned to the West End after forty years.  I hadn’t recommended it before because I wasn’t familiar with it.  I try to select upcoming shows that I have a deep conviction will be worth going to- even before the reviews come in.  I now think this one should be added to the long list of exciting theatre in October.

1965. Ian is broke, lonely and bursting with lovelorn wit. Worse, he’s sharing a bedsit with the beautiful, infuriating and carefree Jimmy, who chases all the skirt he can.

Just as Ian decides to give up on a London in which everyone else is having fun, the boys get a visit from Jimmy’s mother. Charismatic and reckless, she opens the boys’ deepest secrets and pulls them into calamitous new territory.

exeunt review

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