Home : 5×15 · Five by Fifteen · Five Speakers Fifteen Minutes Each about what they are passionate about.

Home : 5×15 ·

I’ve mentioned 5×15 before, because it sounded interesting.   As my readers know I try to synthesize a short list from all there is to do in London, and often post before I’ve had a chance to go and experience what it is i’ve mentioned.  5×15 was in that category, but I had a chance to go to an excellent one on Monday night at the Tabernacle.  I wasn’t expecting the exciting, festive buzz of a huge crowd, nor what depth and breadth the speeches would have. Take a look at their website for the rest of the fall lineup. Next time I’ll know to attend with a big group of friends and a bottle of wine–which is what all of the people seated around me seemed to be doing.

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