The Belle’s Stratagem – Southwark Playhouse Sept 6- October 1st

The Belle’s Stratagem | Southwark Playhouse.

After the success of her revivial of the Rivals last year, Jessica Swale now brings to the Southwark Playhouse another play which, based on the reviews that have just come out, is equally entertaining.   There are a lot of plays to choose from that end before October 1st but this one might be included in your list.

London, 1780. And it’s marriage season. But one group of wily women are determined to challenge the status quo.

Young Letitia Hardy is shocked when her fiancée returns from the Continent convinced that English women are dull. Defying convention, she sets out to gain his love with an ingenious scheme to prove him wrong.

Meanwhile, Sir George is trying desperately to protect his wife from the evils of high society. He hasn’t counted however on two of London’s most rambunctious wits, Miss Ogle and Mrs Rackett, making it their mission to convert her into a lady of fashion.

One of the most popular plays of its time, The Belle’s Stratagem, has not been performed in over a century.

 ★★★★★ The Public Reviews ★★★★★ Fourthwall ★★★★ The Times ★★★★ The Guardian ★★★★ Whatsonstage ★★★★ Exeunt


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