Confessions of a Mormon Charing Cross Theatre – Through Sept 24th

Steven Fales

As if I haven’t posted enough things to fill your evenings in the next couple of weeks, I’ll add one more:    Steven Fales’ critically acclaimed award-winning 90 minute solo play; Confessions of a Mormon Boy.

The show recounts how Steven went from being the perfect Mormon boy in Utah to a high-priced call boy in New York City, this provocative true story takes the audience from his Mormon mission to Portugal, through excommunication, divorce, prostitution and crystal meth addiction as he struggles to reclaim himself, his two children and his ‘Donny Osmond smile’.  Additionally, the venue, the tiny Charing Cross Theatre, is a hidden gem.


As moving as it is funny.” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

“Sexy and harrowing. A story that must be told.” SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

“An uncommonly powerful, gripping and very moving piece of theatre.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“Feels like a sacred gift.” BOSTON GLOBE

“An extraordinary achievement. The best of the solo genre.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

 Levy, Sean Sweeney and MB Produc

Confessions of a Mormon Boy tickets at Charing Cross Theatre

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