LSE public lectures

The London School of Economics has released its fall schedule with a daunting number of interesting lectures.   I suggest you go to their website to see the extensive list, but i’ve whittled it down to a few which I will attend.

Wednesday 12 October, 6.30-8pm
The End of the Party?
SPEAKER: Professor Rana Mitter
Why has the Chinese Communist party survived nine decades? This lecture will examine the party’s tumultuous past and ways in which its former nemesis, the Nationalist party, may provide lessons for what to do – and not do – as the CCP seeks another century in power.

Thursday 13 October 6.30-8pm
The Mountain Within: leadership lessons from Kilamanjaro
SPEAKER: Herta von Stiegel
Herta von Stiegel presents The Mountain Within, the book and award-winning documentary, telling the story of her climb up Kilimanjaro with 28disabled climbers.


Wednesday 9 November, 6.30-8pm

The City of London

SPEAKER: Professor David Kynaston
David Kynaston’s ground-breaking history of the City of London, published in four volumes between 1994 and 2001, is a modern classic. Kynaston tells a story as dramatic as any novel, while explaining the mysteries of the financial world in a way that we can all understand.


Wednesday 16 November, 6.30-8pm  Old Theatre, Old Building

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Arab World

SPEAKER: Professor Gilles Kepel
From the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings to their suppression in Bahrain and Syria; from civil war in Yemen and Libya to the challenges arising from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – what are the prospects for the Arab revolt(s)?


December 2nd 6:30-8pm

Madeleine Albright

Former US secretary of state Madeleine Korbel Albright will address the future of US foreign policy and the leadership of women in helping to build prosperity, foster peace, and promote democracy across the globe.
Madeleine Albright was the 64th secretary of state of the United States (1997-2001) and is professor in the practice of diplomacy at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.
Info: Tickets available from 10am on Wednesday 23 November

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