National Portrait Gallery Talks- Bad Girls and Boys of the Collection Sept 22 and 29

Catherine Maria 'Kitty' Fisher (detail) by Nathaniel Hone, 1765 ? National Portrait Gallery, LondonLATE SHIFT HIGHLIGHTS IN SEPTEMBER

Every Thursday and Friday enjoy art, music, drinks, tours, talks and workshops until 9pm

Bad Girls of the Collection  Thursday 22 September, 19.30  Discover portraits of harlots, floozies and traitors.

Bad Boys of the Collection  Thursday 29 September, 19.30 A selection of rogues, scoundrels and rascals. National Portrait Gallery beehives

As for other things going on at the NPG:


Last Thursday saw the arrival of four beehives on the roof of the National Portrait Gallery offices. They started this project in response to news of the UK bee population being in decline. The Gallery are working with the London Honey Company and next year  hope to have their own honey for sale in the Gallery shops.  It is said that urban honey can be more flavoursome than rural honey, due to the diversity of plants in the city – and with the beautiful St Jame’s Park right next door they hope this will be the case! 

My good friend, Sarah Orecchia is well aware of the importance of restoring the UK bee population. Her Bee Prepared products are based on bee propolis.

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