Cadogan Hall – They call her Natasha (But she looks Like Elsie) October 16th

For one evening, Cadogan Hall is presenting a show based on the music of Elvis Costello.   I happen to love Elvis Costello but I know that musicals with artist covers can go either way.   I’ve included a link to a trailer for the show so that you can decide whether this is worth getting tickets for.

Trailer from the show at a different venue As for the show Cadogan site says:

From the opening bars of a lilting ‘Accidents Will Happen’ to the joyous finale of a rocking ‘Pump It Up’, this is something very different.

An evening out with a female Elvis impersonator no less, but also something much more. This is a musical play about a female whose life mirrors (increasingly deliberately) that of her idol, Elvis (Costello). And one wonders whether Elsie Costello is a childlike fan or someone with an obsession, or whether she really exits at all, other than as a device to tell the tale of something akin to Mr McManus’ life in words and music. Whichever, it’s a clever way to play Costello songs for the evening, but take them one stage further.

This tale of Elsie Costello plays out to a soundtrack of Costello’s classic songs including Accidents Will Happen, Shipbuilding, Alison, I Want You and many more.

Elsie is breathtakingly performed by Lou Dalgleish, accompanied by co-writer Michael Weston Kings guitar and vocals, and the phenomenal piano skills of Gladstone Wilson.

‘A unique evening celebrating the first-class songwriting of Elvis Costello, complimented by a superb story, and stunning performance.’ (Ticketmaster)

‘Fans of quality songs and stunning singing must see this.’ (The Independent)

‘An imaginative, elegant interpretation, an energizing voyage through the Elvis Costello songbook, fronted by a pure and gorgeous voice.’ (Irish Examiner)

‘As tribute musicals go, this breaks new ground. No happy singalong, Costello’s life is treated as a melodrama…’ (Nick Dalton)


Cadogan Hall : Featured Event.

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