The Military in Highgate Cemetery


The British armed forces in the 19th century ruled a large part of the world. As well as warriors, they served as explorers, political officers, diplomats, administrators and infrastructure engineers. Not a year of Victoria’s reign passed without armed conflict in some part of the world, ranging from major wars such as the Crimea, the Indian Revolt, the Sudan and the Boer War, to an endless succession of campaigns, skirmishes, expeditions and the like.

Highgate Cemetery contains the graves of many individuals who provide fascinating examples of the period, as well as Commonwealth War Graves from WW I & II.

Participants in this guided tour will visit a number of these graves, and in addition enjoy the rare experience of seeing one of Europe’s most beautiful and iconic Victorian cemeteries on a late summer evening.

This tour will take place on Saturday September 3rd at 6 pm. Tickets cost £10 (£7 students) including refreshments.

Booking is by email only at

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