Live Canon ensemble poetry- War Poets October 26th

Live Canon

“What an extraordinary art form poetry is, and what justice Live Canon does to it”  Extra Extra

Live Canon, the poetry performing ensemble, has several performances at the Bloomsbury theatre this fall. I’ve listed them below but I’m going to attend the War Poets show.

They perform from memory, with wit and passion (and occasionally bursting into song). Sit back and enjoy listening to classic poems you may know, and new gems you may not in Live Canon’s accessible and entertaining performances. An absolute treat for all language lovers, theatre goers, and those just curious.

The Bloomsbury repertoire includes:

October 19th Romantics
October 25th Metaphysicals
October 26th War Poets

January 23rd Pre Raphaelites
January 24th Shakespeare and Co.
January 25th The Bloomsbury Group
January 26th Around the World in 80 Poems

Live Canon | Bloomsbury Theatre.


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