Lecture: Murals in London Whitechapel Gallery August 20th 1pm

Whitechapel Logo

Ruth Miller, founder of the London Mural Preservation Society will discuss the history of murals in London. Drawing on an extensive archive of images Miller will explore the places, artists and stories behind these often overlooked works of art.

Venue: Whitechapel Ideas Store, 321 Whitechapel Road E1 1BU  call 020 7522 7888 for tickets  Lecture: Murals in London.

This is Whitechapel, an exhibition running through September 4th also looks interesting.

 This is Whitechapel

In 1972 the Whitechapel Gallery commissioned British photographer Ian Berry, renowned for his coverage of conflict, to turn his lens to everyday life in east London. He captured the last members of a dwindling Jewish community and the arrival of new faces from the Caribbean and South Asia; slum clearances heralding brutal high-rise towers; pineapples appearing in a greengrocer’s window; and a cobbler meeting the demands of a growing youth culture with star-spangled platform heels.


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