The Candlelight Club July 29th and July 30th Pop-up event

The Candlelight Club is a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue with a 1920s speakeasy flavour, completely lit by candles (once you purchase the tickets you are told where in Central London the event takes place). Each event offers a one-off bespoke cocktail menu and there are special themes, guest mixologists and featured ingredients, with food and drink masterminded by Will Sprunt, plus vintage DJing and live music.

“The Candlelight Club really is the closest you’ll find to an authentic Jazz Age experience in central London. Its unique ambience, fuelled by hundreds of candles, is truly a scene to behold.” —Time Out

“Pull on a flapper dress and have a decadent night out at The Candlelight Club” —Grazia

Friday 29th July & Saturday 30th July
The Candlelight Club’s ‘Country House Weekend’

This weekend’s pop-up event will be a Gatsbyesque experience as described by the hosts:

This time we’re celebrating that great institution the Country House Weekend by throwing a bash spread over two nights, Friday 29th and 30th July.

Even at the height of Prohibition it was never illegal to drink alcohol in private, just so long as the authorities couldn’t prove you had actually bought it. Many a weekend wealthy New Yorkers would invite whole crowds to their country houses on Long Island. “Rum-running” boats would anchor offshore exclusively to cater for these parties—bringing not just rum from the Caribbean but whiskey from Canada, gin from Britain and Champagne from France. Socialites would rendezvous with the smugglers in powerful speedboats that could outrun the Coast Guard.* This whole stretch of coast become known as “Rum Row”. Speedboat racing even became a fashionable sport as a result of such clandestine booze shopping…..

Read more on the Candlelight Club Website


For a little bedtime reading for the weekend we have teamed up with publishers of Amor Towles‘s new Jazz Age novel Rules of Civility, published that week.


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