Bee Prepared for Summer

I know that many of my readers are dealing with the pain of packing up for summer holidays in various places.  (hopefully you’ll keep reading the Winning Review because even if you’re not in London, there are many tickets to be ordered for Fall events!).  You are probably hoping that no one in your family gets sick just when you are about to board your flight.  So I thought I’d mention the perfect solution that my good friend Sarah Orecchia developed to support the immune system so that “you don’t pick up more than your luggage when you travel”.BEE Prepared  combines  Bee Propolis, Black Elderberry, Olive Leaf & Beta Glucans which have all been used for years to support the immune system.    It’s also fab for hayfever which is something that I’ve used it for quite effectively!  So pick some up and put it in your carry-on bag….


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