Les Joueurs Mysterieuse at Earl’s Court Festival

event picture

The only information I have on this event is what it says on their website—but it sounds like fun.  If you can’t make it you might want to go on a regular tour of Brompton Cemetery which i mentioned once before.

Come feast your ears and eyes as you follow the mysterious players, a 19th Century Parisian theatrical troupe, through Brompton Cemetery – this will be a journey of the magical and mystical, with a soupcon of the macabre! Since their mysterious deaths during the days of entertaining people of the highest ranks, they have failed to find their final resting place but, have endeavoured to sing and dance until they turn to dust.

Let les Joueurs Mystérieuse indulge you with you a selection of their favourite musical songs (performed with an ever darkly humorous edge!), accompanied by live music as you are transported around the secrets of Brompton Cemetery by this ever peculiar but entertaining bunch as your guides. Be ready to listen as each share with you tales of love, loss and life.

Be sure to meet at the cross roads of the cemetery just before the twilight hours as the clock strikes 7pm, and all will be revealed…”

Book on line  Earls Court Festival

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