Potiche with Satellite Interview with Catherine Deneuve Gate Picturehouse June 15th

The Gate Picturehouse in Notting Hill is previewing the movie Potiche on 15th June and there will be a live satellite Q&A with Catherine Deneuve and Francois Ozon right after the film.

about the film:

Suzanne (Deneuve) is the passive housewife of factory boss Robert Pujol (Luchini), a bristly tyrant of his domestic and professional realms.

But life is about to change thanks to her husband’s errant behaviour. When the factory workers go on strike, taking a defiant Robert hostage in the process, Suzanne steps in to restore some pride in her family’s name and pick the business up off its knees.

She calls old flame Maurice (Depardieu) to help her get the workers back on her side. But things get complicated when Maurice’s long-buried feelings are stirred by Suzanne’s nostalgic playfulness. Ebullient humour mixed with quintessential French charm in a ’70s setting make POTICHE a joyous romp that brings the lighter aspects of French cinema giddily to the fore.

New York Times Review

Potiche + Satellite Q&A with Catherine Deneuve & Francois Ozon | Gate Picturehouse | London.

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