Ten years after 9/11: The World Remade – Intelligence Squared Debate June 27th

Ten years after 9/11: The world remade

Intelligence Squared is a global forum for live debate,  dedicated to creating knowledge through contest.   Now operating in London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Kiev and Abuja, it provides a unique platform for  leading figures in politics, journalism, and the media to contest the most important political, social, historical and scientific current issues.

Ten years after 9/11: The world remade       Monday June 27th, 2011 – The discussion will begin at 6.45pm and finish at 8.15pm.  Venue: Royal Geographical Society

According to their website:

Ten years after 9/11 a new era of beginnings and endings is upon us. The Arab Awakening and Bin Laden’s death, the rise of China, the perils of Pakistan and emergence of Africa, the power of social media and the promise of a new global order all herald a world remade.

In this special Intelligence² event, former Foreign Secretary David Miliband and other leading experts from Oxford Analytica, the global strategic analysis and advisory firm, will chart the tumultuous path since September 11th and show how it will shape tomorrow’s volatile global order.

Why did the hunt for Osama bin Laden take so long? Is counterterrorism counterproductive? Have the “Wars of 9/11” been worth the money and lives expended? What has their effect been on the Middle East and the Muslim world? How have Russia and China responded and, in Beijing’s case, managed to strengthen its geopolitical standing during the decade following the attack?

Come and hear compelling insider accounts combined with insightful analysis from former senior policymakers, intelligence officers and academic specialists and have a chance put your questions to them”

Ten years after 9/11: The world remade – Intelligence Squared.

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