Middle Temple Hall – Andras Schiff piano recital Nov 17th

With London just warming up for summer, November seems a way off.   That said, I recommend getting tickets to see Andras Schiff perform in the  stunning and historical Middle Temple Hall.    His 2008 performance rapidly sold out and this recital  has been eagerly awaited.

Middle Temple Hall is one of my favourite buildings in London and every performance there is a thrill to see just by virtue of sitting in the great hall.    It is considered to be on of the finest Elizabethan Halls in the country.  The Hall was commenced in 1562, was visited numerous times by Queen Elizabeth I, and has remained virtually unaltered to the present day.

Tickets for Event
Middle Temple Hall
17th Nov 2011

(Mozart 12 Variations in B flat on an Allegretto K500, Mendelssohn Variations Serieuses op 54, Haydn F min Variations Hob XVII:6 , Schumann Theme with Variations in E flat “Geister Variations” and Beethoven Diabelli Variations op 120)

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