Idler Academy Lecture-May 25th, Anarchy Island


Anarchy Island: Ian Bone tells the story of Tristan Da Cunha

The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road, W25QH.    Wednesday 25 May, 6.30pm for 7pm. Ends 9pm.

In 1961 the people of remote South Atlantic island Tristan Da Cunha ended 150 years of isolation when they were evacuated to England after a volcanic explosion. Curious reporters who asked what they thought of shops, televisions, cars were way off the mark—they hadn’t even seen horses or bicycles. Yet two years later 97% voted to return to Tristan. The press described them as ‘ungrateful’ and was baffled that the Tristanians had ‘rejected civilization’ fifty years after the explosion.

In this  lecture, Ian Bone tells the story of the Tristanians in the UK. He looks at the society they went back to—a community without government, police or any kind of authority. A community without money or any kind of commodity relationships. A community without doctors where the average age in the 1850s was 92. An island where no boat called for seven years in one decade of the 20th century.   He will discuss how an island of castaways, whalers, and the shipwrecked may yet have a lesson for us all. He also looks at recent farcical developments where HMG now employs a policeman on an island with no crime in 150 years and looks at the world’s most stupid business idea on nearby Inaccessible IslanIan Bone

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