The Dashing dog show at Kensington Palace Saturday 18 June

A Dashing dog
Kensington Palace was Queen Victoria’s childhood home. As a girl, Victoria was devoted to her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dash. She would dress up ‘dear Dashy’ and parade him through the grounds. At the Dashing Dog show your dog can follow in Dashy’s paw prints–and compete in the following events:
10:30 Prettiest Princess
Do you think your bitch is the belle of the ball? We’re looking for the loveliest lady dog at the show. Whether she’s a majestic mutt or a pedigree princess come and compete for the title of the Prettiest Princess.
11:15 Prince Charming
Is your dog hot to trot? Come and show off his pulling power for the judges.
12:00 Dog Queen Victoria would most like to take home with her
What is it that Queen Victoria is looking for? Is it a gleaming coat, a waggy tail or a mischievous glint in the eye? If you think that your dog has the potential to amuse her majesty then this is the class for you.
14:00 Loveable rogue Does your pet have a wicked sense of humour and a twinkle in their eye you just can’t resist? Or can they wrap you round their paw? Let them charm the judges in this most adorable of classes. 14:45 Best dressed Victorian on six legs Top hats and parasols, English lace and farthingales, monocles and walking canes… what is it that makes you and your pooch the best dressed Victorian?
15:30 Royal Variety Pawformance
Does your canine companion have a special talent fit for a royal audience? Can they stand on two legs or play dead? Can they wave or roll over on command? Can they sing or even dance? If your dog has a special skill we want to see it.
Dash lookalike
Does your dog look just like Queen Victoria’s childhood Cavalier King Charles, Dash? Why not enter the Dash lookalike competition and win the chance to have your pet open the original dog and throne show with Queen Victoria herself! Take a look at the picture of Dash above to compare. The judging for this class will take place in advance.
fund raiser
The dashing dog show is being held to raise funds for the transformation of Kensington Palace.  Entry is £10 per dog, but people go free….
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