Accomplice: London (update)

  I mentioned this a few days ago as an interesting idea, but today was able experience this in person with my 10 year old daughter.

From the moment our first enigmatic “guide” summoned us at our starting point (which we learned about by a mysterious email that said Please wait downstairs on the bottom floor of the TATE MODERN opposite the cloakroom on the 4 sided black bench at 1pm) we were immersed in an exciting and fun-filled mission.   We found (and were found by) a cast of characters along the way, growing so involved in the story that we no longer knew who on the street was part of the cast versus who was just a stranger behaving oddly.   In one strange episode we were convinced (mistakenly) that two sailor-clad cooks at the Pizza Express by the Tate who were outside doing strange things with an odd piece of cooking equipment were our contacts.

The mission took us through parts of London that we don’t normally frequent and kept us thoroughly entertained through its exciting final scenes.

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