Egon Schiele London May 19-June 30

Egon Schiele PhotoRichard Nagy’s recently opened gallery space at 22 Old Bond Street in Mayfair will be exhibiting 45 previously unseen works of  Egon Schiele.

Most of  Schiele’s art produced during his short lifetime can only be seen in Vienna; at the Belvedere, the Albertina and the Leopold Museum, or New York, primarily at the Neue Galerie. While Schiele is recognised as one of the greatest draftsmen of the 20th Century,  his work is absent from museum collections in the United Kingdom and has been given little public attention in the past twenty years.

Throughout Schiele’s life, women fascinated him.  It is evident in his early nudes of street girls, that he had a young man’s curiosity for the erotic. Schiele has an unerring genius for scrutinising the human qualities in the women he draws. Masterpieces on display include Dark Haired Girl (1910), Woman with Infant (1910), Nude in Orange Stockings (1914), and Girl in Underclothes (1917), amongst others.

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